Wednesday, April 7, 2010

incoco dry nail "play stoopid" applique

so for the non ambidextrous who cant seem to paint your right hand nails or for the people without the korean super manicurist gene, incoco has created a “simple” way for you regular folks to do your nails w/o a trip to the nail salon. kinda reminds me of twizzler’s pull and peel, however unfortunately these appliqu├ęs are not recommended for human ingestion. unless you wanna try it, knock yourself out. by all means…

I, however posses ambidexterity excellence as well as the super duper korean manicurist gene, so I do my own nails dang well (muchas grassy @ss). actually as I type now, im admiring at my perfectly [self] manicured nailed (used my newly purch@ssed esse bermuda shorts color, love it).

I mean not to toot my own [blow] horn, of course. I should actually set up my own nail salon, cause im that good.

ps: however, I do not speak korean, so I cant talk sh!t behind your back in another language other than english while I do your nails. so I’ll just talk sh!t about you to your face in english. to decrease the awkwardness of the situation, just play stoopid and pretend not to understand. flashing me a look of bewilderment helps too. it adds to the “playing dumb” effect.

click for more info: incoco dry nail applique

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