Tuesday, April 27, 2010

crate & barrel garlic press and "splurge" slicer

this always happens to me. I finally suck it up and buy something I really need, and the next day (or hour) I find something waaay cooler and better.

so, ive been needing a garlic press (yes. I don’t cook. but I figure you throw some olive oil and garlic into something, it’ll taste ½ way decent). for like 4 years, ive been el cheap-o and refused to splurge on a measly cheap garlic press, let alone plunk a decent amount of dough for a can opener (literally only bought canned food w/easy open lids for years).

enter my former company of employment, crate and barrel. spent 3 glorious apron wearing years at this joint, and learned all you need to know about cooking gadgets, wine glasses and how to stuff a pillow efficiently. all very vital life lessons, btw. so, they make cool kitchen gadgets for the cooking ret@rded [me] that “motivate” me to try “cooking”. yes, my style of “cooking” literally needs quotations, because its far from actual cooking. its call nuke it in a microwave and throw some garlic powder on it. done.

as I enter my 3rd decade of existence, I wanted to try real people cooking and use fresh garlic. many a times, ive almost lopped off a finger chopping garlic with my [hiyah!] wusthof ginsu knife. enter this darling invention, the garlic press and slicer. its like bogo in the world of garlic gadgets. and of course I spot it after I plunked $19.95 on just a garlic press. (wah, wah, waaaaah).

im pretty upset. upset enough, where I don’t even wanna use my press, let alone look at it. someday I’ll get over it. in the meantime, I’ll keep using the powder.

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