Monday, April 26, 2010

cb2 party "sophisticated" people glass marker

since we’re in the [my favorite] topic of drinking (and as you can tell from the categories, “drunk” seems to be the front runner with 63 posts), I’ll just add another one to the tally with this one.

as we get old-er, apparently we feel the need to throw dinner parties (instead of the less mature, keg parties). hence, instead of drinking that neanderthal beverage called beer, we’ve upgraded with age to the more “sophisticated” wine. so to keep order during our sophisticated dinner parties, they make wine charms so people know which glass is theirs.

ingenious. however, if im getting toasted at a shee shee (sic) dinner party and they run outta booze, im grabbing the closest (and most fullest) glass near me and chuggin that b!tch.

hence why im never invited to dinner parties, only to keg parties.

ps: 1st time ever im using (sic). I figure im writing sucha sophisticated post, I might as well use sophisticated sh!t like that.

pps: these little creature suckers are awesome. think I can take em to my keg party and start sticking them on college boys I deem cute so I wont lose em at the end of the nite. hehe…

click for more info: cb2 party people glass marker

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