Wednesday, April 14, 2010

apple "twinkle" aperture 3

w/me picking up my [hobbit] hobby of digital photography, I need some better editing software than that basic juvenile crap iphoto supplies. so I tried to be slick rick and download this off the internet for free instead of paying $200 beans for the legit copy. no avail…

if I would’ve been successful pirating this software, then this post wouldn’t have existed because I wouldn’t still want it. catch my drift [wood]? aperture 3, you should feel so f*ckin special. I currently have $2.41 in my bank account, hence that barely covers the tax for this $200 piece of software.

its like what I tell my lil bro every time he pisses me off (which pretty much is 87% of the time, down from 99% when I lived at home). I say bless (and thank) your lucky f*ckin [twinkle twinkle] stars I was borned a chick, cause if I was birthed a XY chromosome (a boy, for you non scientists), b!tch would not be here. like not be here/exist/gaven birth/living here on planet earth. my parents (guaranteed) would’ve stopped having offspring if I were a boy (great, now that stooped beyonce song is in my head). my genes decided not to cooperate with my parental’s wishes.

which is probably the reason why I never listen. I was a rebel at when sperm hit egg.

click for more info: apple aperture 3

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