Tuesday, April 20, 2010

alice & olivia lexi belted "debutante" dress

another beeeautiful party dress I want, but don’t need. my closet is at 99.8% capacity, most of its contents are party dresses with the tags still attached.

the amount of dresses I own, I swear im some nyc socialite debutante that goes to cocktail parties all weekend. except (reality check) the cocktail parties I usually go to serve piggies in a blanket and boxed wine or that huge @ss carlo rossi sh!t (good sh!t nonetheless).

or since I hate people and tend to “lose” friends, the invites for these “lavish” piggies and a blanket laden parties become more sparse. instead I throw my own cocktail extravaganza partay at my own crib, with guests including me, myself and I. these partays include me playing “dress up” and parading around in my $600 dress, while sipping [good] shiraz wine and chatting with my stuffed animals. I figure its good practice when I actually do do social networking.

ps: the $600 dress, didn’t actually cost $600. I just wanted you to know that. however, in the efforts in improving my life (and decreasing my debt) I got a new life motto goin for me. found it in the form of a chinese fortune cookie: “buy things because you need them, not because they are on sale.”

feel like that motto can be used in my love life too. just gotta figure out how…

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