Thursday, March 25, 2010

nike syracuse orange 2010 ncaa basketball tournament sweet 16 "jacked up" tee

sweet 16. two years in a row…

this year hopefully will be a much better outcome. how about a national championship? I’ll give that one big hell yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah!

filling out my bracket this year pretty much caused an ulcer in my stomach with all the pressure I was in to guide syracuse to the finals in the most practical way (according to my expert college basketball analysis and knowledge). so, far not bad. with all the land mines [upsets] that exploded during this already awesome tournament, im not in such bad shape. I have 9 out of 16 teams still in it.

health wise, dude im all jacked up. I got the march madness swine flu, almost bleeding ulcer, oh and a burst blood vessel in my eye, that has yet to fully heal after 2 weeks. however, I will sacrifice my mind, body and soul, just as long as cuse wins the national championship,

so of course I picked the cuse to win this year in my bracket (shocker). then, had them facing west virginia in the finals. even better, the tie breaking score I used was the final score of the 2003 ncaa national championship game when cuse beat the Kansas jayhawks 81 – 78. magical. just a magical day that was, april 7, 2003.

im hoping to rub some good juju to this years team. anything less than a national championship for me would be devastating.

gooooo cuse!!

ps: for all you bandwagon jumpers. try to jump my orangmen bandwagon. I dare you [glare].


  1. i find it weird this post was the very last thing i looked at right before my boyfriend informed me your team was out. syracuse lost =( i was sad for you.

  2. thank you. :)
    im pretty sad myself. sooo sad i called out of work today. lol. good excuse...
    have a nice weekend!