Wednesday, March 17, 2010

nike new york yankees st. patricks day "experimental" track jacket

it’s a friggin miracle im not drunk yet.

against better judgement, I forgo-ed the invitation from my local bar for kegs and eggs this morn and marched straight to work, like a good non-irish.

however, i wondered the other day how absolutely hi-larious it would be for me to blog to you folks drunk? I mean ive never tried it. been hungover (many many many of times), but never ever drunk. today actually would’ve been a good day to test this “science experiment”.

oh well. I apparently grew a brain and found the ability to make “good judgements” during my sleep last nite.

as much as it pains (and literally kills, like murder me) to blog anything with the word yankee, I found this pretty dope @ss jacket from nike in celebration of st. patty’s day. cannot find in mets version (figures. since the yankees rule the universe pish).

however (light bulb) I can take a mets patch, dip it in some green dye or better yet smash a lephrechan on it and slap it on top of the yankee logo. problemo solved.

but. since today is st. pattys day and you need to be nice to your fellow irish and especially leprechans, I’ll try this “science experiment” with me lil leprechaun next week…

theyre always after me lucky charms!

happy st pattys day f*ckers!

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