Tuesday, March 16, 2010

lacie imakey 8gb "geeky" flash drive

30 lashes to my wrist for being a deliquent blogger this month. 1/2 of it I've spent out of the good ole u s of a, 3/4 of it I've been in a druken haze and 7/8 of it I've spent recovering from horrid torrid hangovers. lets just say it's been a peachy march.

anywho. I'm sure y'alls been dying to get into deeper shopping debt during my somewhat sabbatical this month. so without further ado, let the spending resume...

so when this techie geek [me] gets in that frame of mind where I need to soup up my computer with all these useless gid gadgets, I literally go buck @ss wild and buy all of best buy's inventory and all it's subsidiaries' inventories. thank god for the best buy credit card.

ive been a huntin for a coolio flash drive. I mean they make em in all ship shape sizes and colors. but how more ingenious than one in the shape of a key? perfect size to add to your keychain and also to help hide the fact you carry around a flash drive with you all the time [geek].

I mean if I bought one the shape of a swarovski rhinestoned out pink pig, not only am I a super nerd carrying (and literally flashin) my flash drive 24/7, but also the fact I got one shaped as a blinged out piece of future bacon.

listen. it's hard for me to be subtle in any sorta which way in life. but maskin my nerdy-ness does take priority.

I rather be a dork than a nerd.

priorities people. priorities.

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