Tuesday, March 30, 2010

hello kitty wine bottle "booze" style folding umbrella

its like you hand me this pink bottle. im like cool, sanrio got smart and decided to liquorize the most girlie of childhood characters since betty boop (dee doop). smart. way to get young girls drinking early. at least we’re startin the young chickies on wine, and not sh!t @ss beer a la nattie ice, pbr, molson ice, milwaukee beast, keystone light, modelo, st. ides, old e…I mean I can keep goin for days. classy…

I mean you can seriously they make almost everything hello kitty. toasters, sewing machines, condoms? <------- (reference needed)…

but my “adult” mind thinks, this cant be a wine bottle. its got hello kitty on it. its like selling dora the explorer wine, not happening.

yes. ive been had. it’s a f*cking umbrella! genius ruse sanrio. well played. you’ve managed to trick the biggest of alcoholics.

that or the liver damaged has traveled to the brain and im just getting slow as a result. yep. that’s it.

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