Tuesday, March 30, 2010

hello kitty sweet pink "google" demi-sec

and the hits just keep on comin…

I like hit the gold (or pink) mine of hello kitty booze today. eesh.

so another pinky sweet delicate aromatic sparkling rose wine (is that what demi-sec is?) courtesy of our favorite pink kitty, hello.

thought: so it hello her 1st name and kitty her last name?
just food (or booze) for thought. I always wondered, but im too lazy to google the answer to that question now. im seriously all googled out in search for the existence of this kitty de hola booze.

sorry I just flipped it bilingual style. my bad. I sometimes get bored of just speaking just english. even tho I can barely speak it at times. even more barely if I end up pounding a couple cases of these sweet pink demi-secs.

click for more info: hello kitty sweet pink demi-sec

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