Tuesday, March 30, 2010

hello kitty devil "sexy" red wine

and for that naughty devil-ish hello kitty in you. try some seductive deep red wine.

im like chuckling while trying to tap my inner hello kitty sexy while trying to write that above sentence. horrible. gosh, I suck at writing sexy. im definitely not ever getting a job writing for harlequin romance novels. that’s fo sho.

maybe if I have a sip [or chug] of this wine, that may all change.

ps: you notice in all these hello kitty booze entries today, im like advocating for me to drink these liquors. for various reasons that will ultimately help me write more better/improved content for this blog.

as you can see from that well formed sentence above, I cannot write/form a sentence (or thought) like a normal human being, sober.

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