Tuesday, March 30, 2010

hello kitty "pinky" brut rose

I refuse to be played! so this crazy psycho was determined to find out if hello kitty actually did make booze. and they do! thru the magic of google-ing I found that they make some sorta pink [shocker] champagne-y sparkling hello kitty brut rose. ah-mazing.

im bit shocked that little pink miss hello kitty’s image is slapped on a bottle of booze. at least its on a classy kinda booze that you’d in stemware, champagne.

imagine hello kitty malt liquor 40’s? that will be the day. even better if the beer was colored pink. you heard it here 1st folks. I get copyright rights if they end up flying with my hello kitty 40’s idea.

click for more info: hello kitty brut rose

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