Tuesday, March 30, 2010

guinness book of my blog records?

so the categories of "drunk" and "food" just got padded two fold today. I was a blogging maniac. think that was 5, well now 6 posts in like 1/2 hour.

¡en fuego!
(just found upside down exclamation mark on iphone. sooo stoked).

damn I'm good [2 fist pump/pound to chest]. celine dion eat your canadian heart out!

reasons why:

(a) I was determined not to end the month of march with the lowest blog post entries ever. the 9 of november 2009 was pathetic enough. we don't need a repeat.

(b) when you get me a chattin and discussin one of a few of my favorite things (booze) it's like diarrhea and upchuck of thoughts and words. like seriously neverending stream of flow.

(c) I couldve kept goin if I found more hello kitty booze. however to no avail that's all I could find.

ok the end. i've literally hit a blog brick wall. my brain hurts. peace out. you may hear from me again in march, or not.

if not, see ya'lls in april.

ps: does the guinness brewery own the guinness book of world records? or just purely coinkidink? hmmm...

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