Thursday, March 25, 2010

feels good to be [sweet] 16 again...

today is the day the mighty orange do battle with the butler pugdogs in the ncaa sweet 16. the victor of this sweet battle wins 1 of 8 bids to the elite 8. its sooo sweet to be elite.

march madness is literally the only reason for my deadbeat parent absence from this blog all month. ive literally been consumed by everything syracuse (regular season, big east tournament devastation, ncaa tournament run) that ive driven myself to illness. yes folks, I got sick with the flu, aka “ the march madness swine flu”. literally have snot clogged up to my brain and partially deaf in my right ear due to the numerous attempts in unclogging the mountainous amounts of snot. think I pooped an ear drum. yo, for reals…

with that lovely description of my bodily functions/fluids said, I march on like a strong (and stooped) orange soldier and cheer on my orangemen tonight at 7:07pm tip off at the east end bar and grill on the upper east side of manhattan (conveniently 5 blocks from my apt, so I can stumble/crawl home) . here, where I will be self medicating this “the march madness swine flu” with shots of jaeger (I mean it tastes like nyquil, must be medicinal) and bud lights. I figure, alcohol in general helps kill off bacteria. perfect remedy to my illness. :D

the cold meds are quelling my real excitement for this game tonight (damn you debbie downers dayquil). but for reals I cannot be more tickled [orange] excited in anticipation of this game. it seriously feels like my wedding day. im all nervous/excited/anxious, just makes me puke.

goooooooooooo cuse. I cannot be more prouder of my boyz.
[shed an orange tear]…

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