Tuesday, March 30, 2010

300! well 301... (yay?)

post #301.

the previous [master] piece of dribble was #300. if i had known i wouldve put a wee bit more effort into that one. apologies in advance. as much as i love blogging via blogwriter on me iphone, i lose access to how many total posts i have. tragedy.

so this glorious milestone of a post that shouldve been very "pomp and circumstantial" is gonna be pretty blah. apologies in advance again for the lack of enthusiasm. its like watching a recording of a sporting event/game when you already know the result/score. especially when you know your [pathetic] team [mets] has already lost. whats the f*cking point?

guess they kinda created a word for that. killjoy.

that pretty much sums it up. happy 300 (well +1). woot. woot.

just felt like i rsvp'd for a wedding. wonderful. another example of a killjoy. marriage.

lol. again, apologies in advance. i just made myself chuckle.

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