Thursday, February 18, 2010

uhhh...happy 1 year anniversary?

wow. talk about almost missing my own anniversary.

currently watching the cuse/georgetown game. im actually more concerned that the cuse does not have a melt down and blow this big lead with a little under 10 minutes to go in the game than me *almost forgetting the 1 year anniversary of me giving birth to this shopping out loud blog.

1 year til this day, february 18, 2010 i decided to fill bored space and time at work by blogging about my most favorite hobby (other than watching syracuse basketball) in the world. shopping.

1 year later im still in huge debt. tho not as big as the united states ga-trillion dollar deficit. but for normal usual human beings, its a pretty f*cking huge debt.

ok. seriously would like to write more, but i have to concentrate on this game. hoyas making a comeback, and i just turned the channel (in my stupid-stitious mind that also changes the luck of your team if things are going bad).

one last note. im glad i remembered this blessed anniversary in time, or else come tomorrow i wouldve had one big huge @ss sp-lanation and apology to my bloggy on how i was a d!ckface and totally forgot about our anniversary. also probably a trip to tiffanys to purch-@ss one humongous sorry gift as well.

happy 1 year anniversary bloggy. you know i love you like fat kids love big macs.

ok, now back to the game. we'll celebrate later... *wink wink*

goooo cuuuuuuuse.

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