Friday, February 19, 2010

syracuse beat 'nova "good" game day tee

ok. let's discuss the cuse/hoya game last nite. I almost went into cardiac arrest with that almost meltdown by my orange. I literally had bologna shaped sweat marks under my armpits I was sweating sooo bad.

good news. we pulled that game off. thanks to our 90% free throw shooting. I must say, that is what really what saved us down the stretch especially with our 2 big guys onuaku and jackson fouling out. actually, that mightve been a blessing cause they are both pretty f*ckin bad at shooting free throws. a la the shaq. however, I still love ya arinze and rick. yous the [big] mans!

gooder news. the victory put us #1 in the big east, in front of villanova (boo).

goodest news. I got tix to the villanova (boo) vs cuse game next saturday! yeeeea booooy. I'll be one of the 34,616 [drunk] orange crazies in attendance for this historic record breaking game.

goodiest news. I already got my t-shirt on. purch@ssed this tee, which I will proudly be rocking from my ridiculously expensive nosebleed seats at the carrier dome on saturday, february 27, 2010 @ 9:00pm EST. tune into ESPN. game will be televised on prime time. and maybe they'll even get a shot of my drunk @ss tryin to storm the court from the upper deck 'bleeds.

now that might make for good television (or youtube).

gooooo cuuse. ima comin next weekend, you frozen b!tches! stock up your liquor [jack daniels].

ps: goodiestiest news. it's friday! and my motor mouth neighbor is out today. there is a higher being [jim boeheim].

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