Tuesday, February 2, 2010

rachel pally two tone "stalker" halter dress

I own a couple rachel pally pieces. I swear when you put one on it's like sleeping in the most comfortable cashmere bed sheet ever. like you don't wanna wake up/get outta bed comfort.

no wonder oprah loves her. think my adopted momma oprah once bought rach's whole collection after being featured in her favorite things show (I'm sure she can afford that).

I only can afford ms. pally's gams on sale at blommingdales. and good deals I must say I've gotten.

yes. I'm a nationally top ranked professional shopper. I'm that good. well I'm also good at stalking things I want to death (or until they go on sale).

this gal (above) is my next stalking victim.


  1. i like this one better then the long cutout dress~ this is hot!

  2. ya, would show your scar real nicely too. teeheehee.