Tuesday, February 2, 2010

rachel pally long cutout "momma" dress

this is the next stalking victim in queue after i'm done stalking the dress below.

lookin at this makes me want to crawl into bed. well wouldn't mind crawling into a bed in one of oprah's sprawling houses. I mean the thread count on a bedsheets in one of the big o's guest room beds must be astronomical. like infinity x 100 thread count. that = sleeping on a cloud of cashmere. ugh. so luuuuxrious.

only oprah...

instead, tonight i'll be crawling into my barely full size bed with 200 thread count martha stewart living flannel bed sheets, bought on sale by my momma at macys.

bought with love from mom. nuttin better than that. :)

yea. just say it aww. didn't know the heartless b!tch of an author of this blog can be so sappy.

only when I talk about my momma. if you got a problem with that, I'll break your face.


click for more info: rachel pally long cutout dress

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