Tuesday, February 2, 2010

meira t diamond love me[self] necklace

so l just had an epiphany. not the biggest one of my life, but still an epiphany...

it's t-minus 12 days until the always dreaded valentines day. men hate it cause they have [forced] to be all mushy and [forced] to get their stoopid girlfriends mushy gifts or even worse, the ever [forced] and [dreaded] purchase: the engagement ring.

dun. dun. duuuuunn...

girls hate it cause about 86% of the female population that is single wants to just hang themselves. the rest live in a gopher hole in the state of indiana and have no notion of the sensationalized commercialization of valentines day and how it's supposed to celebrate "love."

like barf in my mouf.

anywho. as much as I'm a hater of this wretched holiday (obvious) I still am a big believer of receiving jewelry on this wretchedly [red] lovefest of a holiday. meaning me being the recipient (like duh).

the buyer can be anyone. me, myself and I are all qualified buyers. as long as things like this necklace end up on my pertty dainty [goose] neck on february 14th, then I don't give a dang.

love me[self] love me[self], say that you love meeee[self]...

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