Wednesday, February 3, 2010

manolo blahnik vine ankle wrap thong "g'hog" sandal

screw you puxelmolatony groundhog. you're not even worth me looking up how to spell your name correctly. because of you, we've been cursed with 6 more weeks if hell bent freezing f*cking winter cold.

I hate you g'hog!

sooo. in order to pump positive and happy [non-violent] thoughts into my head I'm starting to shop for the new pretty bright spring collection stuff (ie: shoe above). tho that may cause me [heaven forbid] to buy something at the full retail price. it's all worth it. why?

why you ask?: for the sake of human beings (especially those who have to deal with me in close proximity at a daily basis) I need to keep pumpin springy happy thoughts into my head. if not I may go ape sh!t and purchase a sawed off shot gun from annie oakley's illegitimate great grandkid. then go huntin in the prarie fields of pennsyltuckey to shoot to kill this shadow fearing sucker f*cker of a g'hog.

be vewy vewy quiet. I'm huntin [wabbits] gwoundhwogs.

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