Friday, February 26, 2010

fruity cuties berry "bumbledf*ck" rude tee

I think it's berry rude that the weather gods forgot to turn off their snowmaking machine before they headed off for

cause the blizzard they have now caused in the northeast is f*cking ridiculous. I'm a little more than normally pissed cause I gotta drive up to syracuse to watch this epic nova/cuse game tomorrow night.

gooooo cuse!

fun f*cking times. my luck I'll get stuck in the middle of bumbledf*ck upstate new york in neck high snow.

as long as the bumbledf*ck town has alcohol I'm good. I'll just have to get rip roaring drunk. I mean, that's the most essential survival skill you need to know during the winter time in upstate.

how else you think I survived 4 years in the frozen tundra called syracuse university?

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