Thursday, February 18, 2010

essie winter collection "on sale" mini 4pc nail polish

ok. we go from snowboarding to nail polish. seriously I got no segway. after that epic novel of a marathon post below my brain is deep fried.

however. one theme in common, the whole winter thing. yaay. brain still workin, sorta...

I've been obsessed with this color all winter. mint candy apple. I've seen it in every duane reade in nyc (I got 3 within a 10 block radius of me. make it a point to stop in on all of em to find essie nail polishes on sale). welcome to new york.

however, I avoid buyin it cause I don't wanna spend the full $8 it costs. instead I buy whatever is on sale.

another however. note to self: sometimes sale nail polish (even if it's essie) is not always the bestest color.

example: I bought castaway on sale. put it on last nite in semi terrible lighting. woke up this morning to nails that looked like someone hacked a barbie and she bled bright pink blood all over my nails. that or if you wanna be less morbid, it looks an exact shade of pepto bismol.

lesson learned.

yet another however. color is growing on me. makin me feel girlie. for a change...

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