Friday, February 26, 2010

essie "not" matte about you

if you're not a glossy person, there is now a way to make your nail polish world more matte.

matte about you from essie.

gotta love the names these nail polishes get. I think humans should start naming their kids like "red nouveau" or "alligator purse". I mean I look at my address book and I have like 9 mikes, 8 robs and like 20 don't answers.

let's start gettin more creative with baby names people! take a tip from the jolie-pitt clan. brangelina thought of some groovy nombres.

ps: no need to explain the "don't answer" part. I assume the human race that's reading this blog is smart enough to figure that one out...

click for more info: essie matte about you

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