Thursday, February 18, 2010

essie bermuda "sunburnt" shorts nail polish

just lookin at the color of this nail polish puts a [rare] smile to my face. the name of it brings an even [rarer] bigger smile to my mug. bermuda shorts.

loves it!

speakin of bermudans and shorts, the winter olympic contingency from bermuda paraded into the opening ceremonies in their signature bermuda shorts. that definitely brought a huge [almost extinct, so rare] smile to my face.

just goes to show, anything reminiscent of sunshine and hot weather can warm even the ice-iest of b!tchy people.

seriously. it's been winter and snowing here in nyc for so long I forgot how it feels to be in warm weather, let alone what a sunburn feels like. it feels like a f*cking eternity!

I seriously miss being severely sunburnt. that's how bad I hate the cold. boo.

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