Friday, February 26, 2010

dear "hot" john original motion picture soundtrack

I probably shouldve posted this right after watching this movie 2 weeks ago.

cause the rawness I literally felt when I was about to explode sitting in the movie theater, watching the insane hotness of channing tatum.

talk about holy hotness. caliente! en fuego! (if I spoke another language I could keep goin...)

movie was eh. but 99% of the reason to watch this is mr. tatum. I felt like a hormonal pubescent 13 year old with braces clutching for dear life my tiger beat magazine, screaming in elation on the hotness of chan (I've contributed my $9 to watch this movie, hence helping pay his salary. we're now tight like that were I can call him chan).

well if he weren't married we could be tighter. ya kno what I mean...?

anywho. I digress from my hormonal high. the movie soundtrack is pretty good. you would think with all my rage issues I'd be a huge fan of like marilyn manson or rage against the machine. on the contrary. I like that singer songwriter stuff, where they song music tapping their barefoot to the groubd and sitting indian style strumming an acoustic guitar. loves it.

fave song is the duet with joshua radin and schulyer fisk, paperweight.

yes. my taste of music is like the store anthropologie. only way I can describe it. loves it.

don't judge.

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