Wednesday, February 17, 2010

burton white collection womens weekend jacket

oh it's on like donkey kong. I'm going a little ape sh!t on this burton website today in anticipation watching the "flying tomato" [juice] shaun white tonight rippin up the half pipe in his olympic debut.

yes. I downloaded the olympic app for my iphone. I know everything winter olympic and now apparently everything canada. ay!

seriously tho. I gave this real good thought. if you're gonna look like a total herb on the [bunny] slopes falling every 5 seconds while 9 year olds are whizzing by you on their boards doing board grabs and air to fakies, might as well have nice gear on and look good.

however. now with much more seriouser thought, not true. i remember poking fun at this total tool who we played football with. the guy couldn't catch the ball even if it was the size of an elephants gonads. I mean total spaz-ola.

but the fact that he was decked head to toe in his nike gear (btw. seemed like never used. pristinely brand new.) and cool receiever gloves (again. looked like they've never touched a football. or any sorta balls) made him look even more of a jack @ss.

wait. and now we're talkin about me...

so the more I gab about this wannabe footballer jack @ss, the more I seem like the bigger tool bag tryin to board in my hot new 686 gear, meanwhile I can't even get off the chairlift without face planting to the ground.

again. labeling ego boost. cause I just about made myself cry. I'm about to get a one way ticket to loser-ville and go hang out with d-list celebrities like my homeboy k-fed and speidi.

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