Wednesday, February 17, 2010

burton malolo "hipster" snowboard

sooo addicted to the winter olympics it's sad. I'm officially an olympic dork. to qualify for this sports nerd distinction, I stayed home all this long weekend and watched the morning and primetime olympic coverage. like wall to wall (even watched curling on msnbc) and even the late night coverage which included highlights from the morning and primetime (which I've already watched. just stating the obvious for the non-geniuses)

maybe cuz I suck at winter sports that I make up for it by watching it. I'm not a snowboarder at all. but I'm sucha wannabe boarder, like a f*cking poser (gasp). like I buy all the cool gear and sh!t but end up going like once a year. but I talk like i'm some cool boarder with my cool gear, but in reality I barely make it down the bunny slope without eating the snow laden ground at least once. yes. I'm a snowboard hipster. or if i must say, just a tool.

permission to hate me all you real snowboarders. I totally jumped on the boader bandywagon.

however, I'm labeling this as ego boost. no one can argue with me. my own ego just got crushed on by yours truly so I need some moral support from my own blog.

ps: dude these boards are sick. if I really were a snowboarder, I'd buy all these boards in every single color. kinda how I shop at the gap. I buy every single favortie tee or tank top in every single color. addiction problem, much?

pps: the cartoon dude on this board just gives off this vibe that makes me wanna smoke some weed-y. addiction problem, much?

mmm. green puff puff pass...


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