Thursday, February 18, 2010

burton 2010 us snowboarding team olympic "mcflurry" uniform

if you've been tuning into the olympics, yes the us snowboarding team is wearing plaid and denim. for serious. how american can you get. it's so paul bunyan, if only they wore overalls outside the jackets that wouldve been d-o-p-e.

for those of you who are wondering, the denim is not really "denim". you can stop worrying how they board with wet denim. it's actually gore tex. w-o-r-d.


sooo stoked for the flying tomato last nite (aka shaun white). sick runs on the halfpipe in his quest for 2nd straight gold medal. congrats bro.

I just soo sounded like a wannabe so-cal dude. thought it was appropriate for the aforementioned content of this blog. (did that even make any sense?)

btw. that double [mcflurry] mctwist 1260 he "threw" in during his 2nd final run was absolutely sick. he makes chubby checkers look like a weenie with all the twists and flips with that ridiculous manuever.

with this victory by the tomato, he must be bequeathed the title of best snowboarder eva. like this gold has launched him into michael jordan/jackson stratusphere, or even beyond.

and the dudes only 23.

further proof. start your kids early in sports. goin to korean school or piano lessons won't get your kids far. only gets you here, sitting on a trading desk for an annoying european bank, stuck next to this rambling [won't shut the f*ck up] motormouth person and filling up space and time blogging to you wonderful people on my phone. (all the while, stone cold sober. btw and unfortunately...)

which another btw. the same person has walked by me like 5 times since I started typing this blog on my phone. obviously, im not doin real "work" and I'm really making no effort whatsoever to hide it. hopefully this person doesn't have the power to fire me cause that would suck @ss. rent is due next week. pooty.

ok. now I am rambling. I swear I'll bring it home now and shut the f*ck up for a sec.

congrats again flying tomatoe!

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