Tuesday, February 9, 2010

banner supply co brooklyn dodgers "spring?" scrum tee

less than 2 weeks away from pitchers and catchers reporting for spring training dooty.

which means we're hopefully closer to spring, which means hopefully closer to warmer weather.

I mean. that's what usually happens?

oh wait. news f*cking flash:

the northeast is about to get hit with some holy nor'easter sh!t storm tonight. with all the premature school closings (nyc public schools closed tomorrow. that never f*cking happens!) cancellation of flights, I mean seems like the northeast is preparing for the end of the f*cking world. it's like a massive freeeak out. ahhhh!!

jesus. it's only snow. its little white fluffy matter made from h20 and a lil bit of coldness.

I mean people from antarctica and siberia must be pointing fingers and lol-ing at the wussy northeasterners freaking out on some measley 20" of snow.

seriously people. deal with it. it's not that f*cking serious.

I'm more freaking out that it's not warming up enough for me to wear a short sleeve tee (like this above) outside without risking life and limb (literally) via frostbite.

groundhog. you're gonna die.

let's go mets!

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