Thursday, February 11, 2010

alice + olivia for keds sequin champion "80's" sneakers

after that beautiful blizzard that blanketed the northeast yesterday, I'm only accepting warm weather forecasts from now on. none of this frosty winter weather bullsh!t.

so in the spirit of spring 2010, I find out the smashing stacey bendt of the awesome alica + olivia announced a new line of too kewl keds sneakers.

these stunning sequined kicks are a jazzed up version of what we 80's kids used to rigorously rock back in the days.

as with all "vintage" and "retro" things, they must make a comeback or be remade. and aparently 80's is still in. or has it ever been out?

I am an 80's kid. to qualify for such a distinguished honor, one mustve owned the following items:

-slap bracelet
-hypercolored tshirt
-bartman or aye caramba simpsons tshirt
-pair of white keds
-fluorescent slouch socks
-trapper keeper
-can of aquanet
-lisa frank stickers
-rolled up denim shorts
-friendship bracelets
-starter jacket

my brain practically exploded during that stroll down memory lane. gosh im old.

I'm now gonna crawl into a corner and cry.

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