Thursday, January 14, 2010

tiffany heart shaped "whiplash" diamond ring

I think I've suffered some minor whiplash. my neck kinda literally flung back when encountering this ring on listen it's a beaautiful ring don't get me wrong, but when you mouse over to get a full look and detail of the ring, the price tag just hits you like a 60 wheel semi head on. $406,000.

no. my thumb didn't have a seizure and hit couple too many zeros. that is the correct price. holy half a million (if you include the unfortunate tax, yay america).

dude. I need to get on the boyfriend train. not only is valentines day right 'round the loove corner, I need to at least know the guy for more than a week to even ask for a half gazillion ring for vday.

don't think that's askin mucho. I mean sh!t I'm kinda well worth it. according to this blog I'm pretty f*cking witty and entertaining.

ps: it's 4.55 carrots total weight. that's like considered morbidly obese if you convert that to human lbs.

1 comment:

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