Wednesday, January 27, 2010

syracuse shut em "cherries" down tees

so this is what the cuse did to georgetown on monday. shut them b!tches down! like dooooooown!

sorry still amped from monday's victooooory. and with #1 kentucky ducky's loss last night to the south carolina gamecocks [ha. hehe.] #4 syracuse with a win on saturday against depaul can vault us to #3 come next monday.

yahooooo! I feel like I'm steroids cause I'm soooo f*cking excited for my orange. gonna run to the bathroom and stab my @ss with some [horse] tranquilzers, cause if not I might die of a dang heart palpitation heart attack.

or if possible die of sheer excitement. but please dear ole beat up body. if youre gonna quit on me, wait until march madness is done (april 6th) I wanna live to see the orange's ncaa tournament run this year.

pertty pleeeease with sugar (or cherry, pick your poison) on top?

click for more info: syracuse shut em down tees

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