Friday, January 15, 2010

syracuse real men wear "botox" orange t-shirt

real people wear orange. that is the utmost truest statement ever.

this tee tho is a sore subject for me. during my 4 year tenure at syracuse university, I was too cheap to plunk down $16.99 for one of these bad boys. and the pilgrimmages back to the cuse for homecoming since graduation, still too cheap to cough up the dough.

now that I really want one, they're charging me $9.99 for shipping alone. shockingly, I'm being too cheap to bite the bullet and pay the shipping and still not buying the tee.

guess it's just not meant to be.

...well another reason i'm not taking the tee shirt plunge is i see all these cuse grad yuppies in nyc wearing these tees. usually they're all crisp and new. which means they must be right outta college. if your "real" tee is a faded orange hue with fuzzies on it and a pit stain or two, you kno the person occupying the shirt is a seasoned cuse grad veteran. which is what I am. I don't want people to think I'm fresh meat outta college. I've put 7 years of solid post college drinking. that is hard hard work that I do not want to go unrecognized.

tho, turning the big 30 this year, guess I wouldn't mind being mistaken for a 22 year ole guppy right outta college.

I need botox, stat!

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  1. AMEN!!!!! This isnt Benetton, these colors fade after 7 years of putting in some serious hustle.