Thursday, January 14, 2010

swarovski boreal "plastic" bracelet

dude. all I'm lookin at now are diamonds. diamonds, diamonds, diamonds. I'm gonna be postin on diamonds so much today this blog gonna be pukin diamonds outta it's @ss. gonna need an armed security beefcake to guard the bathroom because this b!tch will be upchuckin a heap loada carrots of diamonds into the toilet. and im not talkin bout the carrots they use for baby food. that's fo sho...

not only are they a girl's best friend, but a girls bestest ass-et when wearin em. no boob job or butt cheek implants can accentuate a chicks's wardrobe like a hunk loada dripping diamonds.

plus they last longer than plastic surgery. so all in all a waaay better investment.

diamonds over silly-cone anyday.

ps: bracelet is beautiful. the more diamonds, the more better, the more I want, the more I'll get.

...and that's my motto for today.

pps: bracelet reminds me of those slap bracelet from the '90s. except this won't cut you when slappin it on. however yo momma might slap you on the wrist for how much you paid for it or she'll just cut you. either way. I'll take that over a spankin w/the yard stick. my momma's no joke. she'll wind up and whip my butt til next next next tuesday. she's a lil asian lady (5'3") but packs a mean whip.

ppps: apologies for enormously long nonsense-ical post. I drank something bad last nite [jack], now have diarrhea of the brain.

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  1. there not diamonds.

    there man made crystals