Wednesday, January 27, 2010

sitting, waiting, wishing...

in the words of my dear Jack johnson, I'm [patiently] sitting, wishing, waiting for the announcement at 10:00am pacific, 1:00pm eastern (for those of you in central and mountain I'm toooo jacked to figure out your times, sooory...)

ahem. [focus. focus. focus...] I need to poop an adderol or somethin. sheesh cannot and will not think straight or concentrate today. someone slap some horse blinders on me!

ok. [focus.] soooo waiiting for apple's annoucement by steve jobby jobs on the tablet.

f*cking finally!! I've been waiting for this moment like a pageant queen winning her miss america crown. beyond words. [pageant wave. pageant wave.]

I'll keep you my loyal followers posted. trust me aside from my imaginary friend sitting next to me, you guys will be the 3rd to know when I find out the scoop. or if you are sick of my mindless dribble for today and wanna follow via live stream yourself engadget will be covering it:

don't worry I won't be offended if you tune into engadget instead of me. they do seem more reliable and sane-er...

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