Friday, January 15, 2010

red envelope "hold my" beer holster

f*cking genius.

this actually enhances the whole double fisting experience. well I guess it's now technically triple fisting. but who's counting?

on another note: the way I see it, beers are waaay more dangerous than guns. I mean one shot in the head you're pretty much done-zo.

you'll [me] gonna need at least 50 beers for one to at least achieve lethal alcohol dosage status. meanwhile the carnage you've cause during this booze bender (ie: drunk texting exes, stealing an ex's car, makin out and/or boning nasty butterfaces home, etc, etc) is probably worse than death.

in conclusion.
guns = less painful
drinking = more painful

dunno if this theory makes sense. I myself went on a booze bender myself last nite and havin hard functioning. even worse my boss even pointed out I looked hungover. I just thought I always looked hungover so when I really was no one could tell the difference. guess I gotta do a better job lookin like sh!t everyday.

add that to my new years resolution pile [grave].

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