Tuesday, January 5, 2010

o.a.r. "old" rain or shine


one of my favorite bands. o.a.r. or for you non o.a.r. fans its of a revolution.

in this digital world where cds and tapes are getting to be obsolete (thank you napster), bands are still pumping out these commemorative cd collections. as memory serves me correctly, last boxed cd set i bought was a dave matthews one (listerner supported), and that was well worth it. i mean anything stamped dave matthews is pertty much well worth it. d.m.b. for-eva!

so 10 years later, i decide to take the plunge and plunk some hard earned dough to buy this from o.a.r.

4 discs, 37 tracks, 4+ hours of music recorded live in chicago this summer. f*cking awesome.

now i just need to get a cd player, as i realize i dont have one since the last time i bought a cd i think bill clinton was still in office and the economy didnt suck quite as much.

im old!

click for more info: o.a.r. rain or shine

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