Tuesday, January 12, 2010

marc jacobs "im a" gone fishing maillot


fight the power! so I think I kinda figured sh!t out. not as convenient as typing and uploading from desktop computer (grrr...!) but gives me a bigger appreciation of my iphone and how much it truly means and does for me. I love you iphone. im goin to propose to congress to create a new national holiday on your behalf, "love my iphone day". aww.

ok enough with the sappy sh!t and let's get down to bizness. shopping!

I see where people can mistake this swimmy suit as lady tarzan's outfit and not like it. but listen. it's marc jacobs and it's got lil fishies charms on it. that automatically puts that in my shopping cart and "submit order."

nuff said. you don't argue greatness. you don't argue marc jacobs.

who btw recently just got married. congrats mj! I take no offense in the invitation snub to the nuptials but I'm sure your security detail was aiming to filter out crazy derranged lunatic fans [unlike me, of course].

ps: if marc commanded me to wear gold lamet suit to work everyday for a year covered in poo, id say wham bam thank you sir. and oblige.

I love you marc!

click for more info: marc jacobs gone fishing maillot

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