Monday, January 4, 2010

happy new year, happy new year, happy new year, etc...

its nauseating. ive said "happy new year" to like a trillion people today. when can i stop?!

ive apparently survived the [happy] new years festivus of 2009 (evidence: im writing to you my beloved audience now). yay, more of me in 2010. dont all shout "hip hop hooray" at once...

so one of my [happy] new year's resolution was to not be broke anymore. hence, this curtails or even ceases my shopping activities. bummer huh?

however, im trying to see the optimist side to this tiny pumpernickel predicament. i could just post about stuff that i like in no way shape or form afford (ie: bentley's, high priced prostitutes a la el tigre woods). so there will be no which way possible shot in hell i can actually purchase these things with my dinky american express blue card. those b!tches wouldnt issue me the black one because apparently they stopped giving them out. booger.

oooor just say f*ck it. resolutions are meant to be broken.


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