Tuesday, January 12, 2010

blogpress "fight the power" iphone app

so this is how I fought the power. muchas gracias blogpress!

this app literally helps you control the world of blogging at your finger tippy tips.

all I cared about was that it allowed me to post on blogger (can manage multiple blogs. yes, I have more than one), tag posts, add pics using my flickr account (yay) or uploading directly from phone. hallelujah!

so dear work, you have failed to censor my blog. I have masterminded a successful plot to overturn your evil empire and continue posting to my loyal audience on how to shop like a pro and blow your dough like a pro.

great app. get it if you work at a lame-o company that blocks your Internet access and allows you to have no fun (ie: blogging on their time and money).

screw you!

...hope I still get my bonus.

click for more info: blogpress iphone app

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