Tuesday, January 12, 2010


250! thats like a 1/4 century for a 1000?

so im seeeething pissed. my stoopid company just blocked my ability to post bloggy blogs. can you believe that sh!t?! fight the f*cking power!

to bypass this display of censorship (gosh i feel like im living in commy china - fight the power!), im in the ca-hoots with my iphone to figure out an app or way to post to y'alls mobile-y.

either way, its gonna be a pain in the arse to post sh!t from now on. but im gonna find a way. im sure y'alls will be devastated if i cease this blog, so i will try my darnest to get myself up and at it as soon as humanely possible.

that or i will have to quit my job in protest of this terrible display of censorship. fight the power!

oh yes, this was supposed to be a cheery and glorious bloggy topic in lieu of this milestone. but my anger has taken over (can you tell?)

fight the power!

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