Wednesday, January 27, 2010

apple "tablet" ipad part tres

here's a niftier pic from they themselves put up specs more pics and more bells and whistles.

still waiting to order the thing. signed up for email alert when it becomes available to order. better be soon or I'm gonna explode! like kaboom!
click for more info: apple ipad

apple "tablet" ipad part deux

update on the live stream. prices were announced. see pic above. also veeeery cool accessories such as this dock you can mount [hehe.] your ipad to.

tell ya the truth. i'm pretty emotionally spent following this. hence why in posting pictures instead on typing specs on this baby. and they're not even done yet with product announcements!

keep staying [looney] tuned...

click for live stream blog and more specs on ipad:

apple "tablet" ipad

sike. it's not called the tablet. it's called the ipad. who cares, I want!

watched on live stream of my adopted father stevie jobby jobs making new apple product announcements.

I'm currently stalking for a price and purchasing options.

I am getting this mofo today. if it kills me!!

more to come. stay tuned for more of my crazy @ss dribble...

sitting, waiting, wishing...

in the words of my dear Jack johnson, I'm [patiently] sitting, wishing, waiting for the announcement at 10:00am pacific, 1:00pm eastern (for those of you in central and mountain I'm toooo jacked to figure out your times, sooory...)

ahem. [focus. focus. focus...] I need to poop an adderol or somethin. sheesh cannot and will not think straight or concentrate today. someone slap some horse blinders on me!

ok. [focus.] soooo waiiting for apple's annoucement by steve jobby jobs on the tablet.

f*cking finally!! I've been waiting for this moment like a pageant queen winning her miss america crown. beyond words. [pageant wave. pageant wave.]

I'll keep you my loyal followers posted. trust me aside from my imaginary friend sitting next to me, you guys will be the 3rd to know when I find out the scoop. or if you are sick of my mindless dribble for today and wanna follow via live stream yourself engadget will be covering it:

don't worry I won't be offended if you tune into engadget instead of me. they do seem more reliable and sane-er...

syracuse shut em "cherries" down tees

so this is what the cuse did to georgetown on monday. shut them b!tches down! like dooooooown!

sorry still amped from monday's victooooory. and with #1 kentucky ducky's loss last night to the south carolina gamecocks [ha. hehe.] #4 syracuse with a win on saturday against depaul can vault us to #3 come next monday.

yahooooo! I feel like I'm steroids cause I'm soooo f*cking excited for my orange. gonna run to the bathroom and stab my @ss with some [horse] tranquilzers, cause if not I might die of a dang heart palpitation heart attack.

or if possible die of sheer excitement. but please dear ole beat up body. if youre gonna quit on me, wait until march madness is done (april 6th) I wanna live to see the orange's ncaa tournament run this year.

pertty pleeeease with sugar (or cherry, pick your poison) on top?

click for more info: syracuse shut em down tees

Saturday, January 23, 2010


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Friday, January 22, 2010

nike "prop me up" lunar elite+

"introducing the shoe that thinks for your foot. the lunarelite+ dynamic support system can actually tell when your foot needs extra stability and adjusts accordingly." [sez]

perfect footwear for the sport called happy hour. it can sense when you're wasted and provide foot stability accordingly.

this is why podiatrists recommend wearing proper footwear for specific sporting activities. helps prevent injuries such as falling, stumbling, and twisting of ankles.

what would we (this world) do without nike...

on that note, onto the baaar. I have a 6:00pm "meet" at the downtown whiskey bar. need to stretch and lace up my lunars in preparation for battle.

click for more info: nike lunar elite+

Friday, January 15, 2010

syracuse real men wear "botox" orange t-shirt

real people wear orange. that is the utmost truest statement ever.

this tee tho is a sore subject for me. during my 4 year tenure at syracuse university, I was too cheap to plunk down $16.99 for one of these bad boys. and the pilgrimmages back to the cuse for homecoming since graduation, still too cheap to cough up the dough.

now that I really want one, they're charging me $9.99 for shipping alone. shockingly, I'm being too cheap to bite the bullet and pay the shipping and still not buying the tee.

guess it's just not meant to be.

...well another reason i'm not taking the tee shirt plunge is i see all these cuse grad yuppies in nyc wearing these tees. usually they're all crisp and new. which means they must be right outta college. if your "real" tee is a faded orange hue with fuzzies on it and a pit stain or two, you kno the person occupying the shirt is a seasoned cuse grad veteran. which is what I am. I don't want people to think I'm fresh meat outta college. I've put 7 years of solid post college drinking. that is hard hard work that I do not want to go unrecognized.

tho, turning the big 30 this year, guess I wouldn't mind being mistaken for a 22 year ole guppy right outta college.

I need botox, stat!

nike syracuse lacrosse replica "juju" jersey

11 time ncaa national champions. I'm sure I've mentioned this before. of not I should be disowned by the syracuse university alumni.

not a coincidence that I'm mentioning this lacrosse dynasty. which btw we're defending champs from last year. sick come from behind overtime game victory over cornell.

suck it ivy league!

oh yea. so back to the non coinkidink. I'm tryin to sway some championship juju in the direction of the cuse basketball team. which btw is currently ranked #5 in the united states of ncaa basketball america. I'm exploding w/excitement for the upcoming big east tournament and madness of march.

bring it!!

[juju fingers, juju fingers, juju fingers]

red envelope usb beverage "geek" chiller & warmer

in keeping with the [alcoholic] beverage theme for today, I present to you a present I've gotten in the past. the usb [alcoholic] beverage chiller & warmer.

to be honest. I hate no idea this thing also kept sh!t warm. just shows how much I've used my present since I've gotten it.

well it also shows what a gadget whore I am. I literally gotta have it all. like if they made a gadget that picked your nose for you. I'd get it. shocking...

I'm sucha technie geek. well and a loser too.

red envelope "hold my" beer holster

f*cking genius.

this actually enhances the whole double fisting experience. well I guess it's now technically triple fisting. but who's counting?

on another note: the way I see it, beers are waaay more dangerous than guns. I mean one shot in the head you're pretty much done-zo.

you'll [me] gonna need at least 50 beers for one to at least achieve lethal alcohol dosage status. meanwhile the carnage you've cause during this booze bender (ie: drunk texting exes, stealing an ex's car, makin out and/or boning nasty butterfaces home, etc, etc) is probably worse than death.

in conclusion.
guns = less painful
drinking = more painful

dunno if this theory makes sense. I myself went on a booze bender myself last nite and havin hard functioning. even worse my boss even pointed out I looked hungover. I just thought I always looked hungover so when I really was no one could tell the difference. guess I gotta do a better job lookin like sh!t everyday.

add that to my new years resolution pile [grave].

click for more info: red envelope beer holster

Thursday, January 14, 2010

tiffany hearts "countdown" bracelet

valentines day is t-minus 1 month and 1 day away.

enough time in advance to think reeeal hard for that special gift for that very special blogger in your life.

oh lookie. how convenient. beeeautiful diamond tiffany bracelet staring right at you. perrfect gift for that perrfect blogger.

the coincidence just kills me.

click for more info: tiffany hearts bracelet

swarovski boreal "plastic" bracelet

dude. all I'm lookin at now are diamonds. diamonds, diamonds, diamonds. I'm gonna be postin on diamonds so much today this blog gonna be pukin diamonds outta it's @ss. gonna need an armed security beefcake to guard the bathroom because this b!tch will be upchuckin a heap loada carrots of diamonds into the toilet. and im not talkin bout the carrots they use for baby food. that's fo sho...

not only are they a girl's best friend, but a girls bestest ass-et when wearin em. no boob job or butt cheek implants can accentuate a chicks's wardrobe like a hunk loada dripping diamonds.

plus they last longer than plastic surgery. so all in all a waaay better investment.

diamonds over silly-cone anyday.

ps: bracelet is beautiful. the more diamonds, the more better, the more I want, the more I'll get.

...and that's my motto for today.

pps: bracelet reminds me of those slap bracelet from the '90s. except this won't cut you when slappin it on. however yo momma might slap you on the wrist for how much you paid for it or she'll just cut you. either way. I'll take that over a spankin w/the yard stick. my momma's no joke. she'll wind up and whip my butt til next next next tuesday. she's a lil asian lady (5'3") but packs a mean whip.

ppps: apologies for enormously long nonsense-ical post. I drank something bad last nite [jack], now have diarrhea of the brain.

click for more info: swarovski boreal bracelet

tiffany heart shaped "whiplash" diamond ring

I think I've suffered some minor whiplash. my neck kinda literally flung back when encountering this ring on listen it's a beaautiful ring don't get me wrong, but when you mouse over to get a full look and detail of the ring, the price tag just hits you like a 60 wheel semi head on. $406,000.

no. my thumb didn't have a seizure and hit couple too many zeros. that is the correct price. holy half a million (if you include the unfortunate tax, yay america).

dude. I need to get on the boyfriend train. not only is valentines day right 'round the loove corner, I need to at least know the guy for more than a week to even ask for a half gazillion ring for vday.

don't think that's askin mucho. I mean sh!t I'm kinda well worth it. according to this blog I'm pretty f*cking witty and entertaining.

ps: it's 4.55 carrots total weight. that's like considered morbidly obese if you convert that to human lbs.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

takumi ishida #2?" pencil chopsticks

hey look. you can eat your ramen noodles like and authentic asian while bubbling in your scantron while taking your s.a.t. at the same time. ingenious.

maybe this'll also help you channel your inner asian (for you non yellow folk) and help you excel on the math section.

to you the people who actually decide to try this idea I've proposed above: I am not liable fo any issues that may arise. it is your responsibility to check if these pencils are #2 compatible. I would highly suggest you check this prior to attempting this stunt or risk scoring a 0 on your standardized test.

click for more info: takumi ishida pencil chopsticks

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

blogpress "fight the power" iphone app

so this is how I fought the power. muchas gracias blogpress!

this app literally helps you control the world of blogging at your finger tippy tips.

all I cared about was that it allowed me to post on blogger (can manage multiple blogs. yes, I have more than one), tag posts, add pics using my flickr account (yay) or uploading directly from phone. hallelujah!

so dear work, you have failed to censor my blog. I have masterminded a successful plot to overturn your evil empire and continue posting to my loyal audience on how to shop like a pro and blow your dough like a pro.

great app. get it if you work at a lame-o company that blocks your Internet access and allows you to have no fun (ie: blogging on their time and money).

screw you!

...hope I still get my bonus.

click for more info: blogpress iphone app

marc jacobs "im a" gone fishing maillot


fight the power! so I think I kinda figured sh!t out. not as convenient as typing and uploading from desktop computer (grrr...!) but gives me a bigger appreciation of my iphone and how much it truly means and does for me. I love you iphone. im goin to propose to congress to create a new national holiday on your behalf, "love my iphone day". aww.

ok enough with the sappy sh!t and let's get down to bizness. shopping!

I see where people can mistake this swimmy suit as lady tarzan's outfit and not like it. but listen. it's marc jacobs and it's got lil fishies charms on it. that automatically puts that in my shopping cart and "submit order."

nuff said. you don't argue greatness. you don't argue marc jacobs.

who btw recently just got married. congrats mj! I take no offense in the invitation snub to the nuptials but I'm sure your security detail was aiming to filter out crazy derranged lunatic fans [unlike me, of course].

ps: if marc commanded me to wear gold lamet suit to work everyday for a year covered in poo, id say wham bam thank you sir. and oblige.

I love you marc!

click for more info: marc jacobs gone fishing maillot


250! thats like a 1/4 century for a 1000?

so im seeeething pissed. my stoopid company just blocked my ability to post bloggy blogs. can you believe that sh!t?! fight the f*cking power!

to bypass this display of censorship (gosh i feel like im living in commy china - fight the power!), im in the ca-hoots with my iphone to figure out an app or way to post to y'alls mobile-y.

either way, its gonna be a pain in the arse to post sh!t from now on. but im gonna find a way. im sure y'alls will be devastated if i cease this blog, so i will try my darnest to get myself up and at it as soon as humanely possible.

that or i will have to quit my job in protest of this terrible display of censorship. fight the power!

oh yes, this was supposed to be a cheery and glorious bloggy topic in lieu of this milestone. but my anger has taken over (can you tell?)

fight the power!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

pylones "old man's" bones ice tray


speakin of old. any you geriatrics borned in the 80's remembter heathcliff?

not heathcliff huxtable, you dorks. heathcliff the cat. the cat that used to eat fish and throw out fishbones? he was kinda like the poor man's garfield?

well this ice tray reminded me of him. and if you still dont remember what kitty im talking about forget it. its really not that important.

click for more info: pylones bones ice tray

o.a.r. "old" rain or shine


one of my favorite bands. o.a.r. or for you non o.a.r. fans its of a revolution.

in this digital world where cds and tapes are getting to be obsolete (thank you napster), bands are still pumping out these commemorative cd collections. as memory serves me correctly, last boxed cd set i bought was a dave matthews one (listerner supported), and that was well worth it. i mean anything stamped dave matthews is pertty much well worth it. d.m.b. for-eva!

so 10 years later, i decide to take the plunge and plunk some hard earned dough to buy this from o.a.r.

4 discs, 37 tracks, 4+ hours of music recorded live in chicago this summer. f*cking awesome.

now i just need to get a cd player, as i realize i dont have one since the last time i bought a cd i think bill clinton was still in office and the economy didnt suck quite as much.

im old!

click for more info: o.a.r. rain or shine

Monday, January 4, 2010

happy new year, happy new year, happy new year, etc...

its nauseating. ive said "happy new year" to like a trillion people today. when can i stop?!

ive apparently survived the [happy] new years festivus of 2009 (evidence: im writing to you my beloved audience now). yay, more of me in 2010. dont all shout "hip hop hooray" at once...

so one of my [happy] new year's resolution was to not be broke anymore. hence, this curtails or even ceases my shopping activities. bummer huh?

however, im trying to see the optimist side to this tiny pumpernickel predicament. i could just post about stuff that i like in no way shape or form afford (ie: bentley's, high priced prostitutes a la el tigre woods). so there will be no which way possible shot in hell i can actually purchase these things with my dinky american express blue card. those b!tches wouldnt issue me the black one because apparently they stopped giving them out. booger.

oooor just say f*ck it. resolutions are meant to be broken.