Monday, December 21, 2009

shirt city marilize legajuana "obese" t-shirt


gosh dang. i got afroman's "because i got high" song in my head. no way in hell tho does that tempt me to smoke anymore. those days are over. also, besides the fact that i'll gain about a gazillion pounds due to a certain side effect to smoking. munchies. boo.

however, i think people should have the right to smoke pot openly and legally within the united states. because, i said so. plus if im allowed to legally get wasted and once in a while disturb the peace, i think a little pot smokey smokey wont hurt the nation.maybe we'll mellow out, instead of being work obsessed, tight @ss, stressed americans.

oh wait, maybe i was talking about new yorkers...

anywho. marilize legajuana!

ps: however, legalizing marijuana probably wont help with our retardedly huge obesity epidemic. oh well. cant have everything.

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