Monday, December 21, 2009

r. prince "really" how to roll a blunt for dummies!


literally ran into this dude selling his book on the street huffing my way to the subway. he setup shop right in front of my office building, probably not a good idea if human resources catches me conversing/buying the book from this dude.

which i did. and i bought the book. for reals, this guy is hysterical. as he signed my [treasured] copy, he said, keep smoking the weed. i put my hand up (a la "power to the people") and happily walk away .

btw. havent smoked weed in like 3 years. for reals. however, i was a champion blunt roller back in my heydays in college. i was the art student of the stoner group i chilled with, so by default i had the best "sculpting" skillz to put together a masterpiece of a blunt.

so i can still to this day appreciate a good roll. even more appreciative on the back cover of this book, there is a "designated" area to break down your weed and roll your blunt. ingenious! no more gross coffee table tops, tops of flimsy papers. tops of bibles. your very own surface to roll a blunt.

i planned on giving this treasured copy to a stoner friend for christmas, however i may indian give and keep it. even tho i may not smoke anymore (for serious, can you imagine my crazy @ss stoned?) i have rolled a blunt or two at some get togethers recently, and gotta say, i still have it.

so i may keep this book, so for when i make my "one night only: im rolling blunt" appearance at parties, i will be well practiced. dude, its a cool party trick, waay cooler than pulling quarters outta people's ear-holes. lame...

ps: marlize legajuana!
(only you hardcore pot smokers know that)

wink. wink.

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