Thursday, December 10, 2009

marc jacobs miss "my" marc jacobs stockings


luck of my irish i got off jury duty unscathed. well actually not really. when you have me serve jury dooty across the street from my most favorite bar in the universe, im obviously not coming out of it sober.

hence the most absolute horrific hangover.

it started with the 4 beers i slammed during my "lunch break" followed by coming back (c'mon, i had to) after completing my american civil dooty and continuing with the drunken disaster.

so in between all this alcoholism, i had time to wander into bloomingdales and discover these ridiculously awesome holiday stockings courtesy of my boy, marc jacobs. as i toggled around the store for about an hour carrying the miss marc stocking, i pondered, should i blow $48 on this thing?

i did the right thing and put the stocking down and took these lovely pics and walked away.

well walked away and right back into the f*cking bar where i proceeded to blow $79 on my bar tab.


ps: i cant find these stockings anywhere on the internet. which actually now makes me want them more because they seem real "exclusive". i need therapy...

pps: i think an elf just golfed my brain with a baseball bat, either that or the elf version of mike tyson is using my brain as a punching bag.

today is gonna be fun...

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