Tuesday, December 8, 2009

...jury's out

this'll be my last post, until god knows what since i'll be on jury duty as of tomorrow.

so, i tried to bang out as many posts as i can before i go fulfill my american citizen civil duty and do this jury thing.

my luck i get put on a federal murder trial a la oj simpson and get stuck jury-ing for like 8 months. even more my luck i'll be the alternate juror, which means i get no say in sending the bastard to prison. instead, i'll be twittle my thumbs doing absolutely nothing, unless a fellow juror falls ill or drops dead. then i'll be called to pinch hit for the poor bastard.

ok. im out to open bar holiday party. not a good idea showing up to jury duty hungover on your 1st day. well maybe they'll oust me after day #1 cause i'll be way too incoherent and reeking of alcohol.

pray for me.

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