Tuesday, December 8, 2009

hello kitty crystal "imaginary" iphone case


ok. i just got this el cheap-o plastic iphone case i bought for $9.99. this bedazzled shiny thang above fo sho' puts it to gosh dang-it shame.

actually come to think of it, i dont even like my new case anymore (hope he didnt hear that, even tho he's sitting right next to me). *wink wink*

yes. i just referred my new iphone case as a 3rd person. he's now currently is shooting me the i hate you "evil" stank eye and telepathically whispering angry and obscene sweet nothings to my ear...

at least i can take him to my daily anger management classes. he can sit in my sessions and get therapized with me. yay! a new therapy buddy.

note: i am a middle child. remember that. i had many "imaginary" friends as a kid. now as an "adult" i now just house my "imaginary" friends in objects (ie: teddy bears, bar of soap, iphone cases).

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