Friday, December 11, 2009

graham hill new york "cawfee" coffee cup


ive been coffee free for months now. and amazingly i still manage to be a fucntionable and relatively funny human being (excluding today).

even tho ive been outta the coffee game for this long, i dont recall those roach coaches on the streets of manhattan selling coffee in these cups anymore. then again i havent bought cawfee from a roach coach, well cause need i say anymore?

then again dunkin donuts prolly arent any cleaner. but i go by the motto...

what you cant [and dont] see [or taste] wont hurt, i guess?
which is why i drink so much. alcohol is supposed to be a "cleaner"

note: i started writing this post yesterday. apparently i was still too drunk to realize i didnt his "pusblish post" before i flew outta here last night. hence why the time stamp is today. and yes im feeling better and making more sense today, thank you much for asking.

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