Thursday, December 31, 2009

good riddance 2009. its not you, its me...

yes. im posting to you folks on my day off. yes. feel special. feel all warm and fuzzy (unless youve already started drinking at 7 minutes before 11:00am EST, then youre just getting warm and fuzzy for other reasons)...

so as we kick 2009 to the curb like a psycho ex-boyfriend (or girlfriend. pick your poison) we move onto another "hopeful" relationship with 2010. lets see how long this union will last.

happy new year folks. remember to tune in next year, i promise [sworn oath] to help americans to get into even deeper debt by helping them blow their dough on stoopid sh!t.


ps: dear gosh,

for 2010 i would like the following to happen:

-mets win a world series (for gosh sake, already!)
-syracuse wins a ncaa bball national championship
-i meet oprah [mom]
-slightly bigger boobs
-win the lottery

me (your non-church-going idiot)

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